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Campbell Group Enterprises

We are a company that prides itself in identifying organizational needs as it relates to human potential and maximizing efforts to effect positive change or enhance existing culture.  Our group’s mission is to promote success and our motto is “Success Matters….People, Programs, Products.”



Stretch For Excellence (SFE)

This program or campaign started in 2009 where the primary focus was to recognize the work of teachers and support staff in local elementary schools.  It evolved in 2010 to include students in Primary and Intermediate grades. This initiative was designed to motivate public school students and staff to “stretch” beyond the norm and never stop growing.  It had as a goal to foster that “can do” life attitude that helps a person, no matter the age, excel and be the best at whatever task was at hand. 

The campaign started in Florida with the primary focus in schools. Staff received much need recognition by using the bendable Gumby 6” and 3” to recognize how “flexible they had been.  Each month a sampling of both employee groups would be honored with the coveted “Gumby Award”! It was so successful that I have continued to use this recognition for over 7 years.  In my school you literally see Gumby green in almost every office and in many of the classrooms. 

In the summer of 2010, the concept of bringing the same recognition to students was conceived.  Today the program has evolved into the three A’s (Attendance, Attitude, Achievement).  With this new emphasis our students are recognized quarterly for success in one or all of the 3 A’s.  With the SFE initiative, I hope that I have started a movement to not only emphasize excellence, but to have “FUN doing so.  I trust this initiative will make a difference in your school or organization. 

Positive Actions Lift (PAL)

PAL is a complement of the SFE program and was started in 2014.  This program was a natural progression for me.  Gumby introduces Pokey as his PAL or friend, thus the value of friendship.  In an effort to prevent bullying, teaching our children the value of friendship is paramount to stopping what has become an epidemic in our schools.  PALs are students who display kindness along with other positive traits towards their classmates and teachers.   Student who demonstrate positive actions do lift up others, thus the acronym PAL. 

There are many ways to implement PAL in your school, but this is one effective way; Every month, using the free tracking chart, each teacher nominates a PAL from their classroom – a student who puts the spirit of PAL into action by being a “friend” to someone new, or speaking up for another child who’s being bullied. At the monthly assembly, the PAL nominees are all recognized and celebrated.  The PALs are awarded a PAL certificate, pencil, button, and new bumper sticker.  I know this initiative will have a positive impact the moment you start implementation. 

NOTE: The PAL program can be used as a strategy under a district’s or school’s “Anti-bullying” policies which are now mandatory in many if not all school districts.